Overall Experience Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Clear Lake Marketplace

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Horrible experience! I live in the neighborhood and have been here about 4-5 times. After my last visit on 10/30, i will never return. I encourage anyone considering a hair cut to go somewhere, anywhere, else! I have had a different "stylist" every time I came to the store. It is a crap-shoot if you get anyone who know how to give a haircut. However, it is right on my way home, so i tried one more time on 10/30. When i walked into the office, there was a screaming ~2 year old in the waiting room. Some big lady was there trying to quiet him, so i assumed that it was a customer waiting for a haircut. I should have turned around and walked out, but i thought the lady would do the decent thing and walk the screaming baby out of the office. I was greeting by someone with purple hair and a bad haircut, and that should have been my second clue to get out fast. However, i didn't! I wanted to give her a chance. Let me pause here and give what i consider the "experience" that you want to portray at one of your offices. You have sports on the television and offer "packages" for relaxation and a pleasant experience for a primarily male clientele. Well, if you have a screaming two year old throwing such a fit that you can't hear the televisions, i think that would be a problem! But the "stylists" would just laugh and say "how cute!". It wasn't cute!!! It was a horrible experience!!! However, they were laughing because the crying brat was one of the stylists kids! The other, slightly older daughter, was sweeping up the hair cuttings while the mother cut hair! The screaming two year old would just walk back and forth from the waiting room to the mother-stylist, while the other stylists laughed, and the four year old cleaned up hair clippings. it was the opposite experience of what SportsClips spends millions of dollars for advertising. I know this isn't a high end salon, but i would encourage everyone to go anywhere else for a haircut!

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